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Anonymous said: I live 15 minutes out of American Fork. This is cool! I've never met anyone who lives here online before.

ha, the closest person i’ve met on here was down in cedar city, so pretty far still. i actually lived down in utah county for a lot of years - i just moved up here about a year ago actually. are you from here?

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Congratulations to calthasar!Absolutely stunning blog and definitely in my top favorites. 

All will receive +f if not already.
Winner: Spot on my updates tab and unlimited promos for month of October. 
Runner-Ups: Place on updates tab and 5 promos through October.

!!! thank you so much!!!
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Anonymous said: Okay, um, I saw your Antelope Island pics and I was just wondering if you lived in / around Utah? You're one of my favorite blogs and I live there, so...

in fact i do - i live in the salt lake city area! where are you??

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Iceland, just the hint of the aurora looking out to the mountains beyond Thingvellir. A perfect night.
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artcmis replied to your post: bison herd on antelope island

Love these!!!

thanks! the entire herd rambled across the road right in front of us - it was pretty awesome c:

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