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2 minutes ago
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#i just really love this show and i wish i'd watched it earlier
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purgatorey said: Oh my i agree, Jack Harkness is 1068574% bae. Hm, OH Parks and Rec! That show is the best i s2g

ok ok so i’m only 2 seasons in (i’m actually watching the second to last episode of season 2 right now) but i loooove it so so much

  • push off a cliff: tom is so annoying even though i kinda love him
  • frick frack: probably andy
  • marry: andy and april. both of them yes.
  • set on fire: ummm?? i hear the tammys are pretty bad but i’ve only seen one so far
  • wrap a blanket around: leslieeee always
  • be roommates with: APRIL geeze probably because we are the same person

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11 minutes ago
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purgatorey said: let us continue then, Torchwood? (Wow idk if you've seen it but it's bomb as hell)

oh YEAH i’ve seen it (actually i didn’t watch the 4th season because i heard it wasn’t that great but i really liked the rest)

  • push off a cliff: john frobisher ugh
  • frick frack: yep still jack harkness
  • marry: ianto. yep.
  • set on fire: owen harper (actually once he was revived i totally liked him but he was so so douchey before that))
  • wrap a blanket around: IANTO JONES (crying bye)
  • be roommates with: maybe toshiko? that could be interesting. or actually…ianto. i just love him

send me a fandom?

18 minutes ago
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#i can't wait for the heroes: reborn miniseries ahhh
#thank you!
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plaiding said: heroes :)

ahh thanks!! i’m so happy you asked about heroes haha

  • push off a cliff: ARTHUR PETRELLI although that probably won’t kill him
  • frick frack: sylar for sure wow (probably mohinder too…)
  • marry: mohinder suresh definitely
  • set on fire: still arthur petrelli - maybe this would work
  • wrap a blanket around: totally isaac mendez :c :c
  • be roommates with: hiro and ando would be annoying but so so entertaining

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25 minutes ago
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purgatorey said: okay wow i'm gonna ask you another one bc thats what i do. What about the Sherlock fandom??

dude i am so glad you asked another one haha i want to play this forever

  • push off a cliff: …maybe moriarty? maybe just off a building onto a big pillow thingy though
  • frick frack: honestly none of them? (idk man benedict cumberbatch doesn’t do anything for me)
  • marry: lestrade maybe?
  • set on fire: charles magnussen (i’m glad he’s dead……..)
  • wrap a blanket around: umm…kid sherlock when redbeard died?
  • be roommates with: 

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39 minutes ago
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Anonymous said: Doctor Who?

done, but i have moooore

  • push off a cliff: that guy with the dinosaurs on the spaceship - rude
  • frick frack: hmm. danny pink?
  • marry: also the tenth doctor
  • set on fire: all of the daleks probably
  • wrap a blanket around: hmm…not sure actually
  • be roommates with: rose tyler too c:

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49 minutes ago
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58 minutes ago
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fantasynolife said: Disney fandom? ;)

oh wow, all of disney?? so many choices here…

  • push off a cliff: scar from the lion king - you get what you give
  • frick frack: hahaha robin hood (yes the fox)
  • marry: i would have married kokoum
  • set on fire: percival mcleach from the rescuers down under maybe? poachers are terrible
  • wrap a blanket around: hmm…it’s disney so i feel like everyone kinda gets a happy ending if they’re a decent character
  • be roommates with: aladdin and abu - we can all be street rats together

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1 hour ago
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#a witty rejoinder

jealousdean replied to your post “lotr”

i feel this on a spiritual level rien. aragorn is just… :3

omg right? heart eyes all around

1 hour ago
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ontrenzalore said: harry potter?

ooh yes thanks

  • push off a cliff: fenrir greyback ughhhh 
  • frick frack: solely based on movie appearances…totally dean thomas
  • marry: charlie weasley so i can hang out with dragons too
  • set on fire: severus snape wow literally the worst
  • wrap a blanket around: wow so many…remus lupin, neville longbottom, and regulus black, for starters
  • be roommates with: i kinda want to be best friends with book ginny (movie ginny was so lame)

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1 hour ago
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jealousdean said: lotr


  • push off a cliff: saruman (or maybe i’ll push him off the highest tower of isengard oh wait)
  • frick frack: oh aragorn
  • marry: …also aragorn
  • set on fire: gollum (seriously he drove me crazy) (actually maybe i’ll just throw him in the fires of mount doom oh wait)
  • wrap a blanket around: boromir :c :c
  • be roommates with: merry and pippin are so wild - that would be great actually

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