i held your name inside my mouth
through all the days out wandering
true north
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castiel graphics challenge round six - september 2014. [graphic by padaleckhi - round 5]
how to participate
reblog this post until september 7th
follow the challenge’s blog.
message me with “i participate in cgc” (you won’t be accepted otherwise)
important: i will reply to each message with “accepted”. if you do not receive the reply, send the message again. these replies will be separate messages, not an answer to those you sent.
you must have a gif/edit/graphic tag, whatever you make with ps
between september 8th and 10th i will answer to your message sending you your prompt and partner (so that i’m not on ask limit)
make a graphic before the end of september.
tag your post with #casgc. tag your partner, and put the link to your challenge, prompt and the urls of you and your partner in your caption.
message me if you’re going to be late or drop out.
don’t know how graphics / captions are supposed to look? visit the blog
graphics will be reblogged immediately after they’re seen, not like previously in pairs
if you’re not on time and don’t message me you will be banned from the challenge permanently.
if you’re 100% sure you’ll make it and up for making a second graphic for someone who drops out, include “willing to pinch hit" in the message you send me.
if you meet all the criteria but don’t receive the prompt and partner, message me. tumblr malfunctions sometimes.
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